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Till this time I recorded two albums. Both of them are selfproduced and can be bought from me. I got some technical help from Hubert and Peter.
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My first album "life´s fantastic flights" has been compiled in July, 2000. It´s got 11 tracks and gives a good mix of the complete portfolio of wion .

The sounds are House (eg. "Parts Of 21 12"), Dance-Trance ("No. 1 Hit"), and Trance ("Night Skies"), Drum & Bass ("Little Dreaming Cloud") and Slowbeats/Triphop ("The Long Night"), and, last but not least, Dance-Pop ("MakeUp Overdrive").

Five tracks of my debut-CD are uploaded at mp3.com. There you can listen and / or download them.

Parts Of 12 12 (Slow-House)
No. 1 Hit (Dance-Trance)
Your Face (Dance-Trance)
Wion (Wion-Beats)
Flight Two - The Fantastic Flight Into The Inner Selves (Splitbeat-Deephouse)

The second album, recorded and mastered at the end of November, 2000, is entitled "Chill Out / Reverse". The twelve tracks fill the CD full of good music (about 71 Min. playing time). And it was another good job. The album is another flexible one, containing every kinds of music-styles, wion is standing for. Of course, it is possible to get some first impressions of this brandnew CD (via MP3.com).

Parts Of 21 12 - Chill Out Reverse (Slowbeat/Triphop)
Also Available (Dance-Trance)
Brother Comes Home (Slow-Trance)
Tables And Chairs (Drum & Bass)

You need further information? Please contact me via eMail: info [a] wion-beats [.] de or send a letter to me:

Thorsten Gumball
Sorpestr. 3
44807 Bochum