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I´m Thorsten from Bochum (Germany). Wion is one of my solo projects where I use to create songs with electronic instruments.
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The conception of "electronic music (e-music)" contains a lot of styles. But that´s what I´m doing. I didn´t want to create music of just one style. There are a lot of possibilities which are for interest to me and I want to use the sundry chances. So it is not rarely when I got an idea for a Trance-song and two hours later I get a Triphop-song (which was in its infancy) finished. In my project wion I use to create songs of different styles of e-music:

House (club- and funksounds), Dance-Trance and Trance, Slowbeats and Triphop, NuJazz, (Break-) Beats, Drum & Bass and - I want to call it "Dance-Pop".

Of course, every song is a new, a different song, but all tracks have three communities: they are dance-able, they can be taken as an "easy-listening-effect-song" (just to run in background) and it is possible to find out the feelings of each song and listen mindfully to it and think: "what is happening now?".
And that´s the fact. It has to be that way and I think, this is one good reason for interesting music of wion. And the variety of the different songs makes a special effort.

The music of wion will become fresher and much more interesting. For intension I´m searching for a second Keyboarder (for Synths, sequenzing and sampling) - it doesn´t matter if it is a male or female person. And I´m searching for a female singer, too. That´s what I want and that´s my desire, absolutely.