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For further information concerning me and /or the music of wion, please contact me via e-mail: info [a] wion-beats [.] de

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Thorsten Gumball
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Story of the running insanity

11/98 : After a long time of "testing", I decided to form a concept for my solo-works. Several years before, I handled a lot of music-styles (eg. Wave, Synth-Pop, Pop, New Age and Electronica) and it is no wonder, that I decided to stay on theses roads. First, I prefer Dance,Trance, House, Drum & Bass and something in between. And it was the right time to do it. The name for my solo-project was found very quickly: wion - this is the abrudgment for four german words, and it´s still a little secret of mine...

05/00 : Definitly, I got enough tracks to make a compilation, which will give a good cross-section of my music. So I said to myself: "Record them and burn your first CD". Then I will have something to show to my friends, a material. And my friends will understand, what I was talking about for the last few months.
07/00 : The time has come. Hubert helped me friendly to produce my first CD. The CD is burned by the CD-Writer, we put it into the CD-Player and....
Hurray!!!! We can listen to music, and it´s music from
wion, definitly. My first CD, I´m so happy that I can´t describe. With the help of Peter and Hubert, I copy "life´s fantastic flights" and give them to friends and other persons. The feedback is very good and I´m just very happy!

11/00 : "It is time for the second album" I talk to myself. I think about the tracks to choose. It´s not so easy, to decide for twelve tracks. But it works and I´m very happy with this compilation. Hubert and me are recording the CD ("Chill Out / Reverse"). It works fine again, and it´s a lot of fun, to listen to the own tracks, banned on a CD.
2000-12-06 : I got a letter from the Radiostation Eins Live. A few weeks ago I sent them my first CD to be played within the Radioshow "Heimatkult". And now they want to broadcast a track of mine!!!
On December 17th, 2000
between 8 and 10 p.m.
"Flight Two (The Fantastic Flight Into The Inner Selves)"
will be broadcasted on Eins Live.