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wion archives site

This website has been the virtual home of wion for the years 2010 and 2011.
These sites show the prior news entries as an archive for the time named above. I will not post any news on this site anymore.
The menu bar at the top is inactive, only the prior news are still online!

You will find the actual wion homepage at:

25 April 2011 | wion music at / Lumen Electricum / Ruhrklang

wion Tracks at

After a musically offtime, brandnew wion tracks are in production at this time. Some of them will find place in the united productions of Lumen Electricum.
The network lost its magic within the last few months, so that will be the new address for the presentation of tracks and songs next to MySpace.
Listen to some wion tracks at:
Lumen Electricum

Next to wion and Distrance, a new musically project is born: wion and Jumpin ( joined some of their (united) works into Lumen Electricum.
The first 6-track EP will probably come out in May 2011.
Get some news about it at the official Homepage soon:

Ruhrklang - Musikszene Ruhr. Ruhrklang - Musikszene Ruhr (music scene Ruhr-Area, Germany) - will present portraits of bands and musicians out of the Ruhr-Area regulary from May 1st.
More information at the Ruhrklang Homepage:

2 September 2010 | Free Download Campain ends at 5 September

Till Sunday, September 5, you have the chance to get 30 free wion Tracks.
Visit to get the Downloadlinks. Each MP3 File is packed in a ZIP File.

Overview of all 30 Tracks at the extrasite

2 August 2010 | Free Download Campaign restarted

From August 2 to August 31 the "10 Years of wion-beats" campaign runs (again).
Visit for the brandnew downloadlink each day.

25 July 2010 | Horrible tragedy at the Loveparade

Due to the horrible tragedy at the Loveparade in Duisburg, Germany, we decided to break the
"10 Years of wion-beats" campaign for one week.
There will be more wion music for free (re-)starting at Saturday, 31 July.

We are so sad.

24 July 2010 | Overview of the campaign "10 Years of wion-beats"

You will find a short summary about the campaign "!0 Years of wion-beats" at the site incl. the list of the daily free MP3 track.

21 July, 2010 | 10 Years of wion-beats

On 24th of July, 2000, was born and went online.
To celebrate this 10th birthday, you will get the chance to download a wion track for free each day. This will start on saturday, 24th of July and will currently last 30 days.

There will be a new downloadlink every day at the Twitter Account

24 May, 2010 | Vote for wion Remix

I created the wion 'Full Moon' Remix of the forthcoming song "Say What You Want" by Andy Bell (singer of the british pop band Erasure).
As a big fan of Erasure, Andy Bell and Vince Clarke, I got a lot of fun by producing that remix.

From now on to June 4th the visitors of Andy Bell´s website can vote for each remix.
I would be much appreciated for your support on the wion Remix!

The wion Remix got the "starting number" 72 - please vote for it.

wion EPs '39' and 'More'

12 March, 2010 | EPs "39" and "More" released

On March 5, the first ("39", six tracks) of two EPs was published, and today the brother "More" (five tracks) is following.
Both wion EPs contain so far unreleased material and are published at Portable Music Records.

"39" and "More" are for free!
Get info about the downloads and tracklists at the wion music site.

12 March, 2010 | New website design

The websites of wion-beats got a new design and some new structure.
Several pages have been reworked, for example the wion MP3 Downloadshop links directly to the external provider
And as usual, the prior entries are still online and can be found at the Archiv.

Anything else?
Ruhrklang - Musikszene Ruhr was published under a new concept and with a fresh new design a few days ago:

wion Album "Club 88"   wion Album "Noordwijk, NL"   wion Album "Chill Out / Reverse"   wion Album "Life's Fantastic Flights"