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Please notice!!!

These archives (http://archive.wion-beats.de/2004) are just for rememberance and will not be updatet any longer!
Many functions are disabled, and there are no downloads possible at this website!
Till the end of the year 2005 I got the domain wion-beats.net, too - it was the main website...

New year - new luck... or s.th. like that.
The works for the new album of wion "Ode To The Legendary Sundays" are running at full speed, the final settings will maybe be done in March/April.
A lot of things have to be done so far but it´s certain that it will be a double-album (about 20 to 24 tracks)...

A new track of wion is provided to download: Song One (from Café-Sachs-EP) in a cutted version. More infos at music.

Instantly only the homepage wion-beats.net will be updated, clicks to wion-beats.de will be forwarded to this homepage.
There are two new headings on this webside: member and shop.
At the shop the complete music-CD´s of wion are for sale - more infos at the shop-site.
Registered guests are invited to visit the member page. In this area additional tracks (full length tracks) and brandnew tracks (in short versions) are provided to download.
For registering please ask via E-Mail or use the contact-form. In both cases please name your desired Login-Name and password. I will act upon the registration a.s.a.p.
An automatic registration is at least impossible because auf technical causes.

The older news from the years 2002 and 2003 are at the side recycling.

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